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Following are the areas I am interested in, if you want to find more information on:
DICE TOWER CONVENTION A gaming convention in Kissimmee Florida(Orlando area), for boardgames. They play Euros and Wargames.
BRANDON BOARDGAMERS A gaming club in East Tampa Florida, for boardgaming.
CYBERGAMERS Cybergamers is a host/link site for many gameboxes for Cyberboard, and excellent PBEM utility program. If you know of a game that is not listed here, let me know.
EIA Archive A site for the superb game "Empires in Arms". It contains everything I have ever found on the game. If you know of something that is not listed here, let me know.
D&D Miniatures Library A site for the game "D&D MINIATURES" by WOTC. I have created a flash information library on the first 4 sets, the others will come out when I get the time.
VASSAL and CYBERBOARD This area contains links and more info on VASSAL, and other Java based real time gaming over the web. If you can get these to work, you can really play and save games, so 3 hours at home can be 3 hours of gaming time :)
GAMING LINKS More useful gaming and game related links.