Dice Tower Convention Floor Photo
2016 Dice Tower Gaming Convention in Orlando Florida

July 1st is the last day for Returns of tickets.

June 21st is the last day to book a room at our discount at the Caribe Royale.

Quick Simple Fun Games is Releasing Burano and Celestia at the con, so make sure to check them out!

COOLSTUFF will have Shipping from the Con for $16.99 for everything you can fit in the box they give you, within the United States.

COOLSTUFF will have order and pickup at the con, so check their site soon.

THE FLEA MARKET TABLES ARE SOLD OUT, as of March 28th, 2016.

*PLEASE NOTE* Do NOT click on the link in your email until you are ready to purchase your tickets. Once you click the link, the ticket is added to your shopping cart, and will expire after 30 minutes. If after 48 hours you have not clicked the link in your email, you will forfeit your place. The next person on the wait list will then be eligible to purchase that ticket.


10:00am Wednesday, July 6th - 6:00pm Sunday, July 10th 2016

Gaming Convention in Orlando Florida

Dice Tower Gaming Convention at:

Caribe Royale Resort

8101 World Center Drive,
Orlando FL, 32821
(East of Buena Vista on World Center Drive)


Well, besides all the amazing friendly players joining together in one place to have fun?

Check out the NEWS PAGE for all the up to date info!
Open gaming everywhere, with over 1000 board games in the con library!
Awesome Door Prizes on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night!
Tom Vasel & Eric Summerer of The Dice Tower.
Industry guests: Richard Launius, Robert Burke, Jason Maxwell, Richard Borg, and R&R Games, to name just a few
Pick up games from Cool Stuff Inc right at the con! No shipping! Need to get games home? Cool Stuff can help ship them home too.
Official game events, demos, tournaments, Pathfinder, game shows, family gaming space and more!
All night Werewolf games, naturally.
Flea Market, Charity Auction, and Math Trade.