Designing A Game

I am going to Blog about Designing a Game with Lu Ramos.  We are creating an exploration/D&D style game.  Just working on the basics of the rules and game has taken a few weeks.  Today we finally agreed on something to start with to create a playable tutorial for the game.  We meet again on Friday to play out the Tutorial.  We are creating an Exploration and Combat system, and that has had a few ups and downs.  Imparting flavor without bogging the game down with endless combats is starting to seem quite a bit more daunting than expected.  We want a game that has choices for players that matter, with pluses and minuses, and weaving that into multiple scenarios and having a combat system, as well as other Stat checks, has been a difficult weaving.  We will change what we have created to this point, but we are finally ready to push forward.  I’ll let you know how bad Friday ends up being.